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Let’s talk yet again about body confidence and health… 💭
Guess which picture I was obsessed with calorie counting in (still!) despite being bulimia recovered? LEFT. I feared carbs. I did lots of cardio. Surprised?! On the right I’m eating more than ever, enjoying the workouts I do, and feeling stronger with a balanced approach to health and fitness.
Don’t let January fool you into crazy detoxes and diets. They’re bad for you mentally and physically.
Find something that works for you – for example I really changed my fitness with @kayla_itsines bbg programme as it fit neatly into my work day (just 28 mins!) even while I worked full time and studied law part time. Pick something that you enjoy and stick at it.
Consistency and sustainability are key! You can still drink champagne or wine and eat pizza! Food isn’t “bad” or “good”.
Take a holistic approach to your health and think about your mental health as much as the physical. I’d really recommend #ReNourish by @rhitrition, a Harley Street nutritionist, to overhaul your attitude. No more fads. And no more self loathing. No more binge cycles. No more blaming one food group (carbs cop a lot of unfair flak in the media!)
Nutrients not numbers, people.
And as cheesy as it sounds, self confidence, self acceptance, self love do NOT come from the number on a scale or a reflection in a mirror.
You got this.
How do YOU want to feel in your body? (I’m betting feeling lethargic, obsessed by food, faint from hunger and feeling unhappy in your skin don’t feature!)
Make small, sustainable changes. Pick exercise you enjoy. Work out with process driven goals rather than aesthetic. And for gods sake don’t go on some stupid juice cleanse. YOUR LIVER AND SKIN DETOX THE BODY FOR YOU GUYS! Just ask @thefoodmedic! 😂

From Dad Bod to Badass!

I am so proud of the transformation below that I’m about to share with you. My dad has not had an easy year or so, and despite that, in the face of huge challenges, he was able to rediscover a love of cycling and eating well. The weight fell away, without entirely giving up treats, or missing out on those beloved martinis, European-style weekend feasts or a cold beer once in a while. He looks so much slimmer, but more importantly – happier. And he will be the first to tell you that exercise is the best therapy for working out the knots in your life and relieving stress.

The after pic is in Mexico after we’d been for a run along the beach – and I could barely keep up! I’m so proud of him and only hope I’m as strong and resilient when I grow up ; )

So proud of you, Dad!